Academic writing–traditional academic p

Rubric: Academic Essay for Project 1

Academic writing–traditional academic paper with references
Using a theoretical framework drawn either from assigned reading or from in-class discussions, analyze and evaluate one or more texts (written and/or non-written) that make an argument about a topic that would be of importance to a current academic audience. Use this analysis and evaluation to support and develop your own position on the topic. The purpose of your argument should be to contribute your own analysis to a specific area of inquiry. This project should be presented in a genre that would be used by academics to engage in such work. You will use MLA style format for this paper. Please use the following style guide for help with MLA. They are reliable and consistent.

Source materials–reading notes, academic journal articles and online sources. We will be analyzing both written texts, digital and multi-modal texts, including images, videos and websites. We will consider the various academic conventions that are used in traditional genres (academic journal articles) and new media sources.

Keywords: theoretical framework, analysis, evaluation, critique, digital text, multi-modal text, area of inquiry, academic conventions.


6-7 pages double spaced (this means at least 6.5 pages, and not 6 or 5.5 pages)
Correctly formatted Works cited section (separate and additional length after the 6-7 pages)
Must cite at least one source (you may use and cite more than one source)
Correct use of in-text citation following MLA style
Introduction that follows the CARS format (see handout in Project 1)
Correctly accomplishes the assignment’s content and purpose requirements:
Use a theoretical framework from class
Use sources from class
Analyze and evaluate ONE source from class
Summarize arguments of the sources
Respond, develop your own position, and make your own argument about the topic
Clearly developed paragraphs with topic sentence and supporting pieces
Conclusion that wraps up your argument

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