Activity 1-

Go through the included Chapter 1 slides, then read the chapter in the textbook. This activity
requires you to consider what research project you may be doing as part of this course.
Using the provided forum, please create one entry that includes the following details:

1. Give an over all of the organization you will be doing the project with, and your
position/role within the organization. [100 words].

(Note: The organization must be your workplace. In case there are issues with doing a
project with your workplace then please discuss with the course professor and suggest
alternatives e.g. own/family business, other organization you are associated with).

2. Briefly discuss a topic (or more) that may be suitable for a research project, listing pros
and cons of the topic(s). [300 words].

(Note: The purpose is to brainstorm possibilities and seek the best option available for a
research project within the organization. You may also include up to two relevant documents
if you wish, but it is not mandatory).

This activity should be about Tawam Hospital
i hold a position as Senior purchasing offecier

Note; The Topic (perhaps examining delays with delivery of items)

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English 101: Planning

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