Develop a new health promotion proposal

Written task requiring students to demonstrate knowledge by writing a grant application to extend an
existing health promotion program.

The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program is successful, established program at several local
schools. The community health service now wishes to expand the program into the broader community, and
is looking to apply for a VicHealth Social Innovation for Health Equity program grant. As the Health
Promotion Officer, you are asked to prepare a grant application for an expansion of the Stephanie Alexander
Kitchen Garden program to reach different group(s) in the community.

Your grant application should outline:
(i) the scientific background for the expansion/intervention, aims, methods (description of different
group, the perspective of the community group, description of the expansion, evaluation
framework(s) to be used), staffing for project delivery, and proposed budget.
(ii) how the expansion/intervention will reduce health inequity
(iii) how you will incorporate the use of Photovoice as an innovative way of understanding the
community group’s point of view, into the methods

Photovoice references:
• A Wilkin & P Liamputtong (2010), “The photovoice method: researching the experiences of Aboriginal health workers through photographs,” Australian Journal of Primary Health, 16(3): 231–239.
• Adams S, Savahl S and Fattore T Children’s representations of nature using photovoice and community mapping: perspectives from South Africa. Int J Qual Stud Health Well-being. 2017 Dec;12(1):1333. Download from

References about Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Project:

Evaluation Report:

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