development of combat sports in Greece

Please read the following book (available at Swirbul library): “Combat sports in the ancient world : competition, violence, and culture” by Michael B. Poliakoff. Please write a 5-6-page-long paper discussing the development of the combat sport in in Greece — from Archaic through the Hellenistic period. Here, please pay particular attention to the bronze statue of a seated boxer (so-called “Boxer at Rest”, Rome). It is rather important that you read the book carefully and understand what you read. The paper should be written in your own words. In addition, please incorporate the following two objects from the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in your paper: 17.230.3 (Small marble statue of an athlete — on view in gallery 164) and 2001.219 (Bronze hand of a boxer — on view in gallery 168).
You will have to visit the museum in order to look at them.

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