Language and Individual Differences

For this assignment, research either the language differences between men and women from a social context, or between one culture and another. Are there differences in their conversational, nonverbal, and cross-cultural styles of communicating? Analyze how knowledge gained from research about language differences can be used to solve problems in social and work settings.

For this assignment, think about situations where you had to adjust your use of language to suit a particular context. How did you change the language? What did you say or do? Feel free to use an example from one of the activities in the course.

In your written assignment:

Find at least three peer-reviewed research articles that help you understand language in a social context.
Describe the theoretical foundation for each study, including the psychological concepts that the researchers are using.
Summarize the research articles, including the research questions being asked in each study, the methods and measures, and the conclusions reached in each article.
Address how the research findings on language apply in solving communication problems.
Use the implications of the research to explain how people use language and how the knowledge can apply to personal and professional life. (Think about how this information can guide communication in social contexts).
Describe one or more specific ways that the information can be applied in the workplace to guide and improve communications.

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