Money is a motivator

This application assignment requires you to share a newsworthy story that describes your view of the assigned topic in organizational behavior. In other words, your view may explain the topic’s effect, relevance, importance, non-significance, etc. in workplace behavior. The assigned topic for Application Assignment 2 is: Money as a Motivator.

It is imperative to choose a concept being covered in this module that you have not used before in an application assignment. It is also important not to copy material from other related assignments (e.g.–Reflection Project or Mini Case Discussion) and simply reuse it here. Concepts and verbatim material that are re-used from previous assignments will receive a zero.

News Story Option (if chosen):
News story must be from a credible source within the last 4 years with appropriate citation.
Context must be provided on why the story is immediately relevant to the topics being covered.
Responses which are purely opinion and anecdotal are not considered to be substantive in nature.
Five external sources to support information required In addition to the news story from a credible source.
Original news story from an external source plus two additional external sources required.
Assigned textbook chapters from the course do not count as external sources.
Assignment Structure:

Assignment must provide only a brief summary of your work related news article/workplace experience to frame your discussion so that what you are discussing is clear but is not the majority of the post.
Primary focus of the assignment is not describing your story in great detail but rather meeting the relevant criteria outlined in the application assignment rubric using your work related article or workplace experience as the context.

Please label M 701

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