Net Worth Terminology

Assignment requires 2-4 Pagés (excluding title and reference page). Find two separate articles that are healthcare industry/ organization related on two or more of the financial terms listed: assets, equity, fund balance, liabilities and net worth. The publication date should be from September of 2013 to the current date.

A brief summary of each article(one paragraph) per summary
An explanation of two different financial terms listed(one paragraph) per financial term
A discussion of each terms application to healthcare finance(one paragraph) per term
Based on the two separate aritcles information presented, discuss whether the net worth terms you have found/used in your paper appears to be referring to for profit corporations; for profit sole proprietors or partners, or not for profit companies. What led you to believe this? (One paragraph)
If you were the author of these articles, would you have been more specific? If so, why? If not, why not? (One paragraph)
Reference link to articles in apa format

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