Service Learning and STEM

Strong engineering capabilities will be required more so than ever, to drive innovation and productivity in Singapore. However, the motivation for students to study science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) appears to be diminishing in recent years.

In the present pilot project, we aim to pique young peoples’ interest in the STEM by getting them to work with our students, many just a few years senior to them, on realistic hands-on projects. In this way, these students will know a good STEM foundation will lead to skills for many exciting innovations, with our students as their role model. The Young Engineers’ Space (YES!) initiative was developed to be an applied learning platform for secondary school students from neighbourhood school to work with SIT staff/faculty/undergraduates on meaningful STEM projects that also have linkages to the community.

The YES!’s curriculum will first expose these students to robotics training and through this, allows them to pick up simple programming and reasoning skills as well as some understanding of kinematics and sensor technologies. The students will then use their robotics knowledge to solve a design engineering challenge with industrial relevance. Finally, we will involve these secondary school students to support SIT students in industrial projects led by our faculty.

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