A Theme on each five parts of the book

This is a grade 12 University English Essay. This is a verbal- visual essay

You are to find a fiction or non fiction, autobiograpghy, or biograpghy book that was published in after april 2018. Please have the book chosen latest by Friday at 10:00 am.

You will be rquired to write a five page verbal-visual essay that offers thematic insights into the primary source. Each page has two components: an expository paragraph of commentary (no more han 200 words) based on one significant quotation from the primary souce and visual images related to the thematic insights of the paragraph. You will then finish off with a personal reflection of your own relating to the theme.

The verbal essay is a critical summary of highlights from the primary source that blends both verbal skills (selecting quotes from the source an an explanation of their signigicance as they relate to plot, character and/or theme) abd visual skills (selecting images that relate to the paragraph’s content).

The attacted document is the rubric.

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English 101: Planning

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