Assignment 1

Please create a Power Point presentation to address all 3 sections below. All sections will go into ONE PPT.

Part 1. Go to the ProQuest Library and search ‘RN to BSN – advice on returning to school’ to find the article by Leonard (2003). After reading this article explain how this article relates to how you are currently feeling about returning to school. Do you share the same concerns?

Part 2. Explore the Role Transition Models found in the text. Explain each model and discuss where you are currently at based on the models. Do you fall into one model or are you in between both models?

Part 3. Research a professional nursing organization and provide

The name of the organization and why you choose them
What resources they provide to member
Cost of membership and how many members
Current issues the organization is working on
Why are Professional Organizations important to nursing as a profession?
Power Point should include at least 3 outside references (one being the article from assignment #1) and the textbook. It should include title and reference slides and be 12-20 slides.

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