Database and Information Retrieval

This assignment has 2 questions need to be answered
In Question 1:
1. Creating the inverted index:
and (a,b,c,d need to be answered in this)
2. Boolean and Vector quieries:
and (a,b)
In question 2: (IR evaluation)
and (a,b,c)

1) There are two questions need to be answered. Which is available in the assignment file which i have uploaded. You can find all the necessary information and basic information and how to do the necessary steps and what kind of software needed to be used.
2) Provide me all the necessary coding as per my assignment instructions and i will terminate all the codes in my software account in university.
3) Provide me as early as possible because i can know all the coding part whether is it correct or not and if there are any errors and i can let u know so that the following changes can be made.
4) In Question 2 there is an instruction in which we need to select the Target, so in that u need to select “Target number 3”. as my student ID ends with 3.
5) There is no word limit.
6) copy and paste all the graphs output of the code and all the necessary parts as per assignment.

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