personal insight answers sample

Each response is limited to a maximum of 350 word ( EACH )

1. Please describe how you have prepared for your intended major, including your readiness to succeed in your upper-division courses once you enroll at the university.

Things to consider: How did your interest in your major develop? Do you have any experience related to your major outside the classroom — such as volunteer work, internships and employment, or participation in student organizations and activities? If you haven’t had experience in the field, consider including experience in the classroom. This may include working with faculty or doing research projects.

this is some inspiration for you !!

for some idea the reason i take business admin starts when I want to make a lot of money by marrying a CEO, but I realized that it’s just a useless dream ,and I just want to make a ceo out of myself, cause i’ve found my passion in natural stones ( diamonds etc) and I want to make a profession out of it ( this is just some silly idea, please interpret it as you like or you can change it as well )

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English 101: Planning

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