Please respond to one question from 1-3 AND respond to question 4.

(1) What is the Divine Command Theory of the Right? What is the Divine Command Theory of the Good? What is the Euthyphro Dilemma? (Be sure to explain the extensional equivalence thesis and the two possible explanations for this equivalence). Explain the three objections raised against DCT/H2 in lecture. Are these objections compelling?
(2) Explain the two arguments against H1 discussed in lecture. How might one respond to these arguments? Are these responses compelling?
(3) What is the Practical-Minded Religious Theory and how is it different from DCT? Why might one think this theory is problematic? Is it?
(4) Does morality depend on religion (either in the way expressed by DCT or in some other way)?

If you need any additional resources including the textbook. Please let me know.
I have attached a “.rar” file which contains screenshots of the chapter which you will need to complete this assignment. Please use this “Timmons, Mark. Moral Theory: An Introduction (Elements of Philosophy) (p. xxx). Rowman & Littlefield Publishers. Kindle Edition.” as the reference. Then ensure to let me know which page you used for citations so I can modify it later. Other than that, happy writing!
** YOU ONLY NEED 1 SOURCE (THE SCREENSHOTS I ATTACHED) for this assignment. Please cite in APA style, thank you.

I’d just realized I did not mention writer at the order page to include at least 1 source. How do I modify that?

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