Marketing Plan–Airbnb

Project Guideline:
The project asks you to apply marketing concepts/theories to develop a marketing plan for a company you are interested in. Write a report about your marketing plan. The final report should contain: a) Introduction [0.5 page]; b) Mission and Marketing Objectives [0.5 page]; c) Situation analysis (e.g., a table of SWOT analysis) [0.5-1 page]; d) Target markets and Positioning [0.5-1 page]; e) Marketing Programs (4P strategies) [2-3 pages]; f) Financial data and projections (if you could not find actual data, you can use hypothetical data) [0.5 page]; g) Implementation Plan [0.5 page]; h) Evaluation [0.5 page]. The length of the report should be around 6-8 pages double space excluding cover page and tables/figures.
I choose "Airbnb", and I only need a) Introduction [0.5 page] and b) Mission and Marketing Objectives [0.5 page] at this time. Thank you.

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English 101: Planning

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