Comprehensive Analysis on Neuschwanstein Castle

The more precise discipline of the paper is a history of architecture. I need a comprehensive analysis of the Neuschwanstein Castle. Deeper and more meaningful analysis that develops the previous analysis further to include a cultural, social, and political to expand its more refined, philosophical and poetic meanings. For instance, how are the Neuschwanstein’s forms and spaces meaningful; how are they expressions of their own time and what is their cultural import? In a few words: this is a ‘cultural’ analysis… it is an overarching argument in which you describe the effect of the project as whole and its full impact on the world and the people of its time.

I’ve included three previous works on the project, which include sources and references. You can use those sources and references, but it is not necessary. If you happen to find other sources that you consider more suitable, you can use them instead.

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