Consider Natalie Kazakova is a Russian immigrant nurse with a bachelor’s in engineering from back home, recently she graduated with a master’s in nursing, she works in a local community hospital in the ICU department, after orientation at the new job she starts questioning her decision to become a nurse, she finds it hard to go to work because she is insecure and in doubt. She works with 2 other nurses Susan and pam who are both ADNs but have more experience than Natalie, one day Susan says to her “I thought you had a master’s degree. Why don’t you know anything?” and Pam says to her “what did you learn at that university anyway?” Natalie discusses the issue with one of her professors. Natalie recognizes the issue of role behavior and role incongruity; the professor reminds her that this is a normal process and that she needs to give herself some time to learn her position and become more comfortable with the technical requirements.
• A comparison of what you have learned from the case study to sociologic theory and psychodynamic theories. Make sure to cite these theories in APA format.
• A comparison of the case study to nursing practice, giving two examples from nursing in which theories might be applied, reflection should be a minimum of five paragraphs.

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