Nursing: Purnell Model for Cultural Competence

Using the Purnell Model for Cultural Competence as a guide, create a power point presentation to assess a subset of the domains for a Bangalian Male.

The Domains to be included are:
1. Overview and Heritage
2. Death rituals-includes concept related to : How death is viewed, Preparation for death, Burial practices, Bereavement practices
3. Spirituality includes concepts related to : practices that give strength and meaning of life to a individual, how prayer is used, religious practices
4. Healthcare Practices includes concepts related to : traditional practices, does the culture seek preventative or acute treatment, self medicating Practices,,,, how pain is expressed, the sick role and barriers to healthcare.
5. Healthcare practitioners includes concepts related to: traditional or folk, biomedical, type of practitioners the culture uses, does gender of the practitioner comes into play, what is the status of the practitioner in the culture.
6 . Summary or conclusion
7. references.

use clear examples, quotes, brief vignettes, or similar

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