Philosophy: Plato and Aristotle comparison essay

Answer the question: Of Plato and Aristotle, which philosopher would agree with which sister and why?
(Hint: there is a right answer to this question. One will agree with one sister, and the other philosopher with the other.)

• Present one introductory paragraph succinctly paraphrasing the sisters’ situation, ending with a thesis statement answering the question above. (This will be based on your rewritten paragraph from the Melissa and Melinda quandary writing. However, you will have to add to your thesis to reflect which philosopher would agree with which sister).

• Present one page (500 words) answering the question from Plato’s perspective.
Make sure to explain and apply all relevant arguments we have read this semester (based on your previous "Plato Writing" assignment.)
Answer the following questions:
What aspects of Plato’s "defense" of the existence of the soul might Melinda use?
What argument(s) would Melinda make? Why?
How would Melissa respond to Melinda’s argument(s)?
What weaknesses in Melinda’s Platonic argument(s) might Melissa exploit? Explain.

• Present a page (500 words) answering the question of whether Matthew has a soul and whether it is right to pull the plug on him from Aristotle’s perspective.
Make sure to explain and apply all relevant arguments we have read this semester (using your previously peer-edited "Aristotle Writing" assignment) Make sure to explain Aristotle’s basic orientation, how it is rooted in his view of language, and his ideas on the soul.
How might Melissa apply these ideas to further her own view?
How might Melinda, assuming an Aristotelian understanding, respond?

• Present a page (500 words) evaluating the comparative worth of Plato and Aristotle’s views. Which philosopher do you most agree with, disagree with, why?
As far as having the ‘other’ sister respond, you can go about in several ways:
(a) disagree with the philosopher directly (e.g., point out a weakness in his argument);
(b) disagree with the application of the philosopher to this situation;
(c) use another aspect of the philosopher’s theory that would support the other sister’s conclusion.

When considering which arguments to include, you may wish to review the discussion board questions.

Your essay MUST include a) a word count b) in-text citations and c) a works cited page.

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