Intelligence Framework

We examined various frameworks that attempt to explain the act of Homeland Security intelligence gathering. In a short essay, develop, name, and briefly explain a framework of your own design that you feel best relates to Covert Actions taken within the intelligence community. Your two- to three-page essay should be formatted according to APA Requirements, with sources properly cited

Onset of War in Afghanistan

Research the onset of the US taliban war that began in October 2001. You are to explain why the conflict occured by addressing the question of why The participants were unable to find, or failed to agree on a negotiated settlement that would have avoided the costs and risks of war.

Prenatal deve

Suggested length: 750 words Briefly summarize typical prenatal development in terms of duration, stages and major developments. Discuss peak periods of sensitivity to teratogens, and explain the developmental consequences associated with caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, heroin and opioids. Furthermore, discuss how maternal factors such as nutritional health, age and stress may influence prenatal development.


Gather financial information on Apple and Samsung and address the following questions or issues: Select three items from the income statements that you feel would be important to an investor. Analyze and compare your two companies in terms of these items and how they are performing relative to each other and in general. Select three items from the balance sheet that you feel would be important to an investor. Analyze and compare your two companies in terms of these items

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Finance Research Paper

Examine the statement of cash flows for Apple and Samsung for the most recent year. Tasks: Summarize your course project to this point. What have you learned about your companies? What are the two largest investing activities and financing activities for each firm? Compare and contrast the investing and financing activities of the two companies. Evaluate the investing and financing strategies of the two firms? Provide a rationale for your opinion as to the effectiveness of each of the strategies.

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Two Page Response

Review Chapters One, Two, and Three. Give particular focus to Chapters One and Three. Complete the Reflective Exercise at the end of Chapter One. The scenario is a very real and potential situation for a new principal or a principal new to a position to encounter. Draw on information from Chapter Three to craft your response (Collaboration; Professional Development; Authentic Curriculum; Instruction, and Assessment) Craft your response as if you were creating a narrative explaining your plan for improvement and

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2-1: Macroeconomic Data Report

PowerPoint: 4-6 Slides For Milestone One, you will research three sections of your final project as they relate to the 10-year historical period that you chose in Module One: gross domestic product, unemployment/inflation, and interest rate fluctuations. You will then create your first 4–6 presentation slides. Be sure to read the Milestone One Guidelines and Rubric to ensure you are covering the critical elements of this assignment. To assist you with your Milestone One presentation, use the PowerPoint template provided.

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The Information Cycle

in your own words, a recent major news event as it moved or is currently moving through the Information Cycle. You should choose examples from events within the last 18 years, 2001-2018. I would prefer that you choose an event in which affected you in some way, or which you personally remember. Some Examples are listed below: 2008, 2012 Presidential Election Michael Brown shooting/Ferguson unrest 2008 Recession: bank bailouts, home foreclosures, auto industry, unemployment, recession…. In composing your essay, you

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Design Project

Taking all that you have learned this semester in terms of design, UX and their implications for culture, you will pitch an original design and assess its merits. Based on your Design Project Product Proposal, you are now ready to move forward with the pitch and evaluative assessment of your product. You have two options in terms of presenting the sections below: 1) you can create a compelling visual presentation using a PowerPoint, infographic, video, etc., or (2) you can

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White Collar Crime

Current event analysis assignment, this paper is to analyze a recent published article from a newspaper or magazine. Briefly summarized the article taking a position on the issue. State how I feel about the event. Is it a societal cause or institutional cause? How it affects me? What is the social and economic impact? Provide a white-collar control deterrence for this case. Must be doubled spaced, one inch margin and 12-Point font in Times New Roman

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