Project Overview: For this project, you’ll choose a food or drink item, a cuisine, an invention or an idea,, and then research how four geographic concepts are related to and affect your choice. Instead of presenting your research as a traditional paper, you’ll use PowerPoint or similar presentation software to create a narrated presentation. Your presentation will be structured like a paper, including a title, introduction to the topic, main body, summary and conclusions, and references. Creative use of properly

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ethics in public health

Before starting this assignment, you will need to review Chapter 1. Considering your weekly reading, please discuss two ethical virtues or values. For each virtue or value, please describe a hypothetical circumstance in which the virtue or value could be applied in a healthcare context. Your response should be no less than one, double-spaced page and no more than two in length.

Article Critique

Using the article Promising school-based strategies and intervention guidelines to increase physical activity of adolescents. write a review Using the sources from the Malkin and Howe textbook and the Mitra and Lankford Research methods in the park for recreation and leisure services. cite all theses sources in article review. 1) Overview of the article – briefly describe a) authors and article background b) purpose of study c) Rationale for the study d) Study and program design e) Outline the demographics

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Program Evaluation: Purpose and usefulness

The human service organizations that I have interest is Sex trafficking agencies that help the victims. Program evaluations is both essential and useful for human services administrators. Conducting a program evaluation can serve multiple purpose for human service organizations. It is important for administrators to know how to use a program evaluation to appraise programs and services offered by their organizations. Exploring program evaluation provides you with valuable information about how evaluation about how evaluation is useful in human services

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review matched subject design

Review the “Matched-Subjects Design” document, found under course materials tab, and follow the instructions listed in the document. Working with your group members complete the design experiment. After completing the exercise, have a scholarly discussion around the following questions in your CLC thread: Advantages for each technique. Provide at least two. Disadvantages for each technique. Provide at least two. Discuss the criteria used to determine the appropriateness of random assignment versus matching techniques. As a group, come to a consensus

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maritime pollution

critical analyse the evolution of he modern law of maritime pollution pursuant to the international convention for the prevention of maritime pollution from ships 1973 as modified by the protocol of 1978

Individual Project

In this project, you will select an organization, or a segment of an organization, and interview key employees in order to gather information concerning the organization’s critical success factors (CSFs). Be sure to inform your interviewees that any proprietary information included in this project will be kept confidential. You will then develop a SWOT analysis to clarify and aid in the identification of the organization’s/segment’s CSFs. The written project requires you to prepare and submit the following in order: 1.

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business law

Review the following scenario and respond to the follow-up questions in an APA formatted report of 2400-2600 words . Students will also submit a PowerPoint presentation of no more than 8 slides summarizing the case and your response, to be posted and discussed by peers in the last Discussion of the course of Unit 11. Case Tom, Dick, and Harry have been best friends since kindergarten. Tom is the business brain of the group. Dick is the mechanical one and

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Each student will research and assess one country according to the criteria listed below. Students will determine appropriate responses to the questions provided and summarize their findings in a 5-6 page formal essay following APA formatting and style guidelines. At the end of this document, a few sources have been cited that will provide a starting point for research relating to the Canadian economy. Data on the economy of the United Students of America (USA) is available easily from the

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critical literary analysis

This assignment asks you to write a 6-8-page literary analysis on Morrison’s Sula. The goal of the assignment is to argue a specific thesis about the text, using your analysis of specific elements in the text and how those elements relate to each other to support your thesis. You must support your argument with evidence from the text. Possible Essay Topics: • The setting of small town Ohio and its significance to the novel • The role of men in

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