Finance Research Paper

Examine the statement of cash flows for Apple and Samsung for the most recent year. Tasks: Summarize your course project to this point. What have you learned about your companies? What are the two largest investing activities and financing activities for each firm? Compare and contrast the investing and financing activities of the two companies. Evaluate the investing and financing strategies of the two firms? Provide a rationale for your opinion as to the effectiveness of each of the strategies.

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Police and community safety studies

What are useful models for policing leadership for 21st CENTURY? To answer this question the writer must consider policing leadership theory and practice. He should also compare and contrast at least two models in the essay. I have a 61 page handout the write must read to guide him or her in answering this question. The answer should evolve round police leadership in the 21st century.

Conflict Theory (how it influences)

This paper is to have an introduction, body and conclusion. References and citations are to be in APA format 6th edition when used in the paper. Paper is to be 6 pages in length of text material. Cover pages, abstracts, and references pages are to be completed with this research paper, but do not count towards the 6 page minimum requirement. Proper grammar and spelling are required. All topics must be sent to instructor in Week 1. The instructor will

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Develop a new health promotion proposal

Written task requiring students to demonstrate knowledge by writing a grant application to extend an existing health promotion program. The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program is successful, established program at several local schools. The community health service now wishes to expand the program into the broader community, and is looking to apply for a VicHealth Social Innovation for Health Equity program grant. As the Health Promotion Officer, you are asked to prepare a grant application for an expansion of the

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Essay: Submit your 1-2 page-double spaced RN-MSN admission essay. Use your essay to explain your reasons for pursuing an advanced degree and your professional goals. Topics may include: a.)Where do you see yourself in five/ten years? b.)How will the completion of your RN-MSN in nursing education or leadership in healthcare systems help you achieve your professional goals?

Language and Individual Differences

For this assignment, research either the language differences between men and women from a social context, or between one culture and another. Are there differences in their conversational, nonverbal, and cross-cultural styles of communicating? Analyze how knowledge gained from research about language differences can be used to solve problems in social and work settings. For this assignment, think about situations where you had to adjust your use of language to suit a particular context. How did you change the language?

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Utilization of emotional intelligence

WORKING WITH EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE Goleman I will attach the book as pdf Read: The New Yardstick (p.3-15) Competencies of the Stars (p.15-29) The Hard Case for Soft Skills – (p.30-45) Appendix 1 – Emotional Intelligence (p.317-318) Prepare a reflection paper of approximately 500 words evaluating yourself with respect to the utilization of emotional intelligence as being an essential tool for both individual and organizational performance issues. The assigned readings have a focus on personal qualities that tend to rebuke the

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Academic writing–traditional academic p

Rubric: Academic Essay for Project 1 Academic writing–traditional academic paper with references Using a theoretical framework drawn either from assigned reading or from in-class discussions, analyze and evaluate one or more texts (written and/or non-written) that make an argument about a topic that would be of importance to a current academic audience. Use this analysis and evaluation to support and develop your own position on the topic. The purpose of your argument should be to contribute your own analysis to

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Stem cell res

Written Paper – You will write a 5-6 page (1000-1500 words) informative essay that covers why the issue is so important, how the issue has developed over time, what the pros and cons of the issue (with researched, documented support for each position), and who (individuals, groups and political parties) supports and opposes each position, needs to include each political party’s views(Democratic and republican), must also include statistics nationwide. General Information: You work for a company that gives advice to

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