Reflective writing

Reading Reflection – Reading reflection format will be as follows. 1. Write a one page reflection over the text. 2. Develop two questions or lift up two ideas you found important within the readings that could facilitate classroom discussion. 3. Examine further an artifact or event you found interesting. Find one idea in the reading and explore it more, sharing in depth information Examples could include a specific movie, song, book, person, event, etc. What was it and how did

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Onset of War in Afghanistan

Research the onset of the US taliban war that began in October 2001. You are to explain why the conflict occured by addressing the question of why The participants were unable to find, or failed to agree on a negotiated settlement that would have avoided the costs and risks of war.

Finance Research Paper

Examine the statement of cash flows for Apple and Samsung for the most recent year. Tasks: Summarize your course project to this point. What have you learned about your companies? What are the two largest investing activities and financing activities for each firm? Compare and contrast the investing and financing activities of the two companies. Evaluate the investing and financing strategies of the two firms? Provide a rationale for your opinion as to the effectiveness of each of the strategies.

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task is to identify the investment objectives and suggest a new asset allocation for their investment portfolio with the help of the historical data that is given (analyse and study) along with plotting the relationship between expected return and standard deviation of return on a two asset portfolio for various correlations in Excel

Global Justice

use dialogue /debate exploring the ideas, you have to follow all the requirement to answer the paper. I will upload all the source that you have to use in the paper. identify all concepts and combine them with the sources. try to link the concepts together more organically. some source are website journal, so I posted link here: BILL MCKIBBEN : MalcolmGladwell: Ryan Shea: JONATHAN GRANT TUCKER CARLSON ARUNDHATI ROY:

Book of Acts

For the individual section, write a 1,000 word reflection paper based on your group investigation. It should be focused on the following two questions: 1.) What do these examples tell us about the early church’s strategy for evangelism? 2.) In what ways does this match our current strategy? In what ways is it different? Why do you think it has changed?

Marrage and Parenting

This week for your final project you will be creating a presentation that could be presented to newlyweds during a Christian marriage conference. This will be a PPT presentation (with a minimum of 12 slides) and audio voice-over. The audio portion will be presented just as if you were standing at the podium giving this presentation to a group of newlywed couples. Your PPT presentation must at a minimum provide guidance and tips covering the following areas: What to expect

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