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Ronald McDonald House 1st SPEECH- Your first public speaking assignment is to prepare and deliver a 5 to 6 minutes process speech. This is a type of informative speech where you as the speaker are telling and, at times, showing the audience how to do something. Since this is an “icebreaker” speech, choose something fun to speak about. Perhaps you can teach us how to make your favorite cookies, tell us how to set up a campsite or to catch

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Real time Video stabilization

Methodolgy : -A study on the implementation of video stabilization for Real-time Application using block matching algorithm -Clarify two methods (optical flow and block matching). -Show the results about two methods and compare the speed and good accuracy. -what is the contribution point in the thesis. -show me the codes in c++ opencv


ISBN: 9781111571269 From chapter 3 – Work problems 36 and 38 on pages 99-100. From chapter 4 – work problems 23, 33, 47, and 48. On the problems where computations are required, you can submit your work either written on paper and scanned, in Excel, or whatever form works best for you. I do like to see detailed work so that I can provide you feedback on your work. On discussion questions (such as problems 47 and 48 from chapter

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Communication Skills

Identify 5 communication skills that are important for your area of study and discuss why these skills are important. Seek feedback from someone you interact with regularly concerning the communication skills you have identified. This feedback needs to identify the strengths and areas of development concerning your communication skills. Write about the feedback you received and how you can use this to enhance your communication skills within your area of study. The feedback should be related to humanitarian field of

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Service Learning and STEM

Strong engineering capabilities will be required more so than ever, to drive innovation and productivity in Singapore. However, the motivation for students to study science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) appears to be diminishing in recent years. In the present pilot project, we aim to pique young peoples’ interest in the STEM by getting them to work with our students, many just a few years senior to them, on realistic hands-on projects. In this way, these students will know a

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Business Intelligence

In this assignment you have to make use of IBM WATSON analytics in order to interpret the graphs. 1. The word limit is aapprox. to 4000 words 2. Plagiarism should be less than 10%. 3. It should be done in one file (MS-word) 4. You should make competitive analysis with dataset of any two companies. 5. All other necessary details are mentioned in the file which is uploaded. 6. All the graphs done in Watson analytics and should be pasted

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The general concept and layout of a torque increasing pulley system has progressed to the stage where the detailed design of parts of it can now be undertaken. In this assignment you will be responsible for detailing the following elements such that they can be fully manufactured by an external fabricator using custom and existing hardware: 1. Horizontal driveshaft (custom) 2. Bearings to support shaft (commodity) 3. Pulleys (commodity) 4. Electric motor (commodity component specified below) 5. Supporting structure (custom)

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Word Limit 2000 – 2500 words. Individual Research Report No more than 2500 words. All reports must typewritten 11point font, 1.5 spaced, with an adequate left hand margin. The essay should also show extensive evidence of research, pursue a coherent argument and have a sound structure and analytical framework. You are expected to use journals and textbooks published after 2000. Cite references in Harvard style. Required: 1. Identify an area of research that you believe is both important and interest,

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there are multiple questions that i cant find on the textbook and i answered like about half from the total of 100 questions.

Hepatitis C vaccine

I am currently writing a Research Literature Review article in medical school. I have written the background, most of the methods, just need somebody to do the abstract and results and methods. I already have all the sources needed and have cited them. I can attach the file I have with the instructions and a example of somebody who has already completed the assignment. I have already about 9 pages and the minimum should be 20 pages not including appendices

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